Eating Well in Lockdown

September 22, 2021
Have you been excited about food and mealtimes over lockdown?  Or did the isolation stretch your creative capacity for home cooking a little too far?  If you are caring for an independent elder over lockdown, make sure you have some conversations about their appeti...
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We do life best together

June 11, 2021
My mother recently started participating in online exercise classes. At 10AM, three days a week, I can find her seated in front of her laptop in her living room, following her online instructor. This is new for her: she has never been ‘sporty’ and has always felt a littl...
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To the young, the journey into old age may look like a downhill slide, but for those on that road, it can feel like an uphill slog.Being a dietitian for the aging and the elderly has been my primary dietetic career. Working mostly in care homes I am often aware that I walk i...
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I came across this question years ago in a coffee table book. It was written in large, plain print across a double page, with no images to distract the reader from the question. At first the question startled me; aren’t families a biological survival mechanism, a natural h...
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