Nutrition coaching and support for carers of elders at home

Jo Pannabecker, Dietitian

Many New Zealand families care for their elders.

With nutrition coaching and support you can 

  • Provide food that can be chewed and swallowed safely
  • Avoid making different meals for everyone at the table!
  • Provide all the family needs to enjoy mealtimes together
  • Build your confidence as a carer

And help your elder thrive.

As we get older the food we need to be healthy can change. But most nutrition information you find on the internet isn’t right for our elders. 

It can feel overwhelming trying to find the right nutrition support to help us provide the best food for our elders.

 When there are several generations under one roof I can help you find meals that will work for everyone, without going crazy or broke! 

~Jo Pannabecker

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I'm an Auckland-based New Zealand Registered Dietitian with seven-years' experience specialising in the nutritional needs of the elderly, I understand their unique nutritional needs and the situations you might find yourself in when trying to help them. 

Community has always been important to me with my personal experience of living in multi-generational settings. 

I thrive from helping families and individuals become independent with making their own health and nutrition decisions. 

Together we can address the nutritional problems you may be facing, help you manage medical conditions and provide the right support that keeps your elder as independent as possible and enjoying every day.

~ Jo Pannabecker, New Zealand Registered Dietitian

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Good nutrition is essential to healthy ageing

Help your elder thrive with the right nutrition for them

Why don't you see any reviews or testimonials on my website? As a registered dietitian, I am prevented by law from using testimonials. I take part in continuing competency to practice as regulated by the Dietitians Board, NZ and make every effort to make sure I'm best placed to take care of your journey to wellness, with individual plans to help you achieve your goals. I'd love to talk if you have any questions.