Nutrition coaching and support for carers of elders at home

Jo Pannabecker, Dietitian

I want to help you care for your elder with confidence

Tailored nutrition plans and specialised coaching to meet the nutritional needs of your elder and your situation.  

Nutrition plans tailored for your elder

Nutrition coaching tailored to specific nutritional and health needs

Ongoing support to maximise coaching input going

Personalised nutrition assessment

Every situation is unique. For every situation there are individually tailored solutions available.

I offer in-home consults in Auckland, and online across NZ.

Acing Elder Nutrition

3-hour assessment and training package.

  • A personalised assessment with goal setting so you can prioritise needs and make a plan with your next steps already sorted
  • Coaching on the specific nutritional needs of your elder(s) so you understand your personal situation and can lose the confusion and overwhelm with Dr Google’s dietary information
  • Hands-on practical teaching on how to make food easier to eat and delicious so you can make changes to your next meal with confidence

Why a 3-hour package and not just 1-hour appointments? 

Experience shows that it takes time and a good amount of support to change dietary patterns. One hour will give you an assessment of your elder’s needs, personalised goals and a strategy to achieve those goals, but leave you without the tools and training to act on that information effectively. 

This package is designed to identify your specific needs and give you the tools to meet those needs with confidence.

$435 (incl GST)
Book a free 15 min call to discuss if this is the right choice for you

Follow up sessions

One-hour follow up sessions are available after the Acing Elder Nutrition is completed. 

Sessions for specific health conditions such as frailty, dysphagia, Parkinson’s, dementia, COPD, post-surgery or post-fracture will build on the training covered in the Acing Elder Nutrition package.

Follow up consultations (available as telehealth or in person) 

$75/30 mins or $145/60 mins (incl GST)

Note: some medical insurers such as Southern Cross and nib have insurance packages that do or can cover dietitian services. You may need a GP’s referral to benefit from that. Check with your insurer first.

Feel confident you're preparing safe, healthy food

Help your elder retain nutritional independence

Easily prepare meals that all generations enjoy

Support your elder to be socially independent

Good nutrition is essential to healthy ageing

Help your elder thrive with the right nutrition

Why don't you see any reviews or testimonials on my website? As a registered dietitian, I am prevented by law from using testimonials. I take part in continuing competency to practice as regulated by the Dietitians Board, NZ and make every effort to make sure I'm best placed to take care of your journey to wellness, with individual plans to help you achieve your goals. I'd love to talk if you have any questions.